Linda Smart Technologies

Our engineering team with more than 15 years of development experience, work to provide practical and accessible solutions to modern problems arising from the control of intelligent buildings and factories.

Our Vision

One of the biggest challenge in the future is not only automation, but interconnection as well: just as individuals and companies, IT and automation systems and units must also be connected. In order to do so, we design all our products and solutions in such a way that they can be connected to different heterogeneous systems - either as a hub or as an end point.

We believe that compared to overly robust systems, standard and multi-functional systems will have an advantage. Automation tasks in such a carefully designed system can be quickly implemented in a cost effective manner. Our visionary system does not want to create a new technology panacea, but rather "coexist" with existing systems with their compact design. That's why we design our products in such a way that, acting as a cost-effective "Swiss army knife", they ensure the fastest and simplest possible commissioning and optimal operation.

We also believe that connectivity and efficient operation must be complemented by long-term sustainable design. In an unmatched way in this field, our products can be augmented in a common cloud-based platform as needed. The cloud ensures continuous product monitoring and updating, in addition they offer modern central configuration, artificial intelligence-based data analysis and other SaaS solutions as value-added services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create products and services tailored to real market needs in the segment between the industry, smart home and BMS markets, and thereby increase the reliability and efficiency of these systems by putting a real multi-functional tool in the hands of system engineers.

Our mission is to continuously search and provide solutions for those areas of automation in the markets above, that goes unserved, or served at an unnecessarily high cost. We believe that a versatile and universal tool, which makes the execution of the tasks simpler and more efficient in almost every project imaginable, is a great business advantage for SME integrators in particular.

We undertake to keep the interests of the customer and the contractor in mind during our developments, and to create solutions that implement them in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.